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We deliver Mediterranean garden design that is both aesthetically engaging and environmentally sustainable.

The large variety of plants that are well adapted to the Mediterranean climate create interesting contrasts in garden design – we can combine the plentiful use of Mediterranean species in non-irrigated areas along with some subtropical plants in smaller irrigated areas like a patch of lawn, and contrast shady spaces for the hot season with succulent planting in more sunny spaces.

Our services range from single garden design consultancy up to large garden design projects for new houses and commercial buildings, always providing a customised service adapted to the clients design requirements.

We offer three services:

Our Garden Design Consultancy service involves the creation of a pre-project, combining the input from the clients' brief with our first stage consultancy, which is also ideal for customers who are looking for initial guidance on the overall potential of their site.

Our Garden Design Project service takes this to the next level creating a full project plan with detailed design elements and planting, ready for implementation.

Our Supervision of Garden Construction service co-ordinates and supervises the construction phase to ensure the project is delivered according to the design. We initiate contact with constructors and gather quotations for the garden design project, and liaise with the constructors once appointed.

Whether a small or large scale project our objective is always to provide the optimum solution - this means meeting our clients’ design requirements whilst at the same time making the most of the sites potential and achieving the goal of low water consumption and low maintenance.

Our practice is distinguished from larger commercial firms by our strong emphasis on a customised service for every project. We provide the client with full visibility of cost levels presenting prices for garden design and construction separately.

We endeavour to provide affordable solutions, our first consultation is free, whether in person or by email.

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